Audiobooks and Listening Comprehension

I was recently posed a question about a child who hated to read.  The child wasn’t a struggling reader, but it was a struggle to get her to do her school reading requirements and she definitely does not want to read for leisure.  I asked her mother if she ever thought of using audiobooks?

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What Is An Audiobook?

An audiobook is an oral recording of a book.  They are a great resource that are readily available nowadays.  There are thousands titles available nowadays for both children and adults.  There are recordings of classic novels, non-fiction, and children’s picture books.

Young children can follow along with a copy of the picture book.  This helps keep them engaged because they have a visual.

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A Christmas Letter Writing Activity

After my post about Christmas cards I thought about how I could involve my kids.  At the very least I thought it would be interesting to see what they would say given the opportunity to share about their year.  Afterall, who doesn’t enjoy a child’s perspective on life:)

I went into this assignment thinking about having Diesel and Rocket writing.  Diesel can hold his own, but I would have to share write and/or have Rocket dictate his thoughts to me.  So I ended up creating different writing prompts on different levels.

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